send your tributes to Queen Cuckoldress

welcome to my fortress losers

I am very strict and picky when it comes to what I'm looking for but I am able to be that way because I am a true Alpha Dominant Woman. I am Miss Beth, better know as Queen of Goddesses or Queen Cuckoldress I am a true Alpha Female, a leader over all others.. I am not here for you. Nor am I here to attend to your needs, your wants, or your desires. Instead I am here for My own gain.. The fetishes that arouse you are an interest of Mine and therefor I have learned to profit from your weaknesses.

You are, after all, the weaker sex.

That thing that you hold so near and dear to your heart is also My stronghold over you. Your penis is My tool, My toy and I have learned to manipulate and control you with it. I work My way deeper into your brain by working My way deeper throughout your complete system. I have discovered your downfall


Easily turning you into a victim of My game. Proof the power is at My fingertips without barely lifting a finger. Teasing you with My words and My body. Using all I have against you. Watching you suffer and beg for more is My little game.


Torturing you, watching you writhe in agony as I work My magic over you. It gives Me such pleasure manipulating you. Without any encouragement you beg for more. you NEED Me in your life. you crave My addiction. I am your vice. your drug of choice. And all the while I reap the benefits of your stupor.


I am giving purpose to your pathetic excuse in which you call a life. And that is exactly why you are giving Me everything My little heart desires. Making yourself useful financially is the only way I will allow you to serve Me. Useful does NOT include web services, homework, chores. Those are PERKS My owned slaves are allowed to have.


Because this is ALL about Me and ONLY about ME.


And the loser will THANK ME for allowing the honor of sending Me Tribute. Gain My attention with gifts, cash, and gift cards.

My time is exclusive to those that worship and devote their lives to ME. Those who wish to serve Me will memorize and repeat the following upon waking, eating, and sleeping.

Cuckoldress Beth IS Perfection.
Princess Beth is my Almighty.
She is my Goddess
I will submit everything.
I will ask no questions.
I will only submit and obey.
My Goddess knows what is best for Me no matter what I may think or feel.
I will not tribute or spend on any other.
Goddess Beth is my life.
She is My everything, Alpha Cuckoldress. I will eat, sleep, and breathe Her perfection.
In Goddess Beth's name, Amen.


  1. You know that the only way for you to get My attention is your money.
  2. You will always try to find new ways to save money so that you can better spoil and pamper Me and support My lavish lifestyle. Be prepared to pack your lunch, work overtime, get another job and take out more credit if needed.
  3. You will always treat Me with utter politeness and respect. You will address me only as "Goddess". You will start every conversation only with "Good morning / Good afternoon Goddess, how can i serve You today?"
  4. You will always be grateful that I am allowing you to please Me.
  5. I expect utmost honesty at all times. You will NEVER lie to Me. Liars will find it hard to redeem themselves, and it will be costly.
  6. I am very picky on who I am allowing to serve Me. I only allow intelligent pay piggies who know how to spoil, pamper and serve.
  7. Your first tribute will be $50 or more, nothing less. This assures Me that you are not just another pathetic wanker.
  8. You will accept a 90 day probation period, and sending your tribute on time is a requirement. After your 90 day period is over I will give you further email assignments and instructions.
  9. You will always send your weekly or monthly tribute on time. You will never complain about your tribute. I LOVE to be surprised by gifts as well, but gifts do not count toward your regular tribute
  10. I am your Goddess. I will never be questioned at any time.